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Argo-A Security is a multinational company headquartered in the United States of America offering a wide range of the most advanced and effective security products available for government agencies, law enforcement, commercial enterprises, and high-profile individuals.



The Computerized Polygraph LX5000-SW is the world's most advanced polygraph, also known as the lie detector, capable of simultaneously recording changes in several physiological variables while the subject is asked a series of questions pertaining to a specific issue under investigation. The charts generated during the polygraph examination are interpreted by a polygraph examiner. The Computerized Polygraph LX5000-SW combines conventional polygraph procedure with a sophisticated state-of-the-art computer. With the basic system, a total of nine channels can be recorded at one time.

Countersurveillance or TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) devices are designed to quickly detect and locate all major categories of surveillance equipment, including: all types of telephone transmitters, wireless spy cams, video transmitters, computer transmitters, fax transmitters, telephone recording devices, radio microphones, microphone amplifiers, digital recorders, bumper beepers, body wires, GPS vehicle tracking transmitters, microwave transmitters, all types of infinity listening devices, and other concealed eavesdropping transmitters.

The ability tests we offer are designed to evaluate and assess: strength, depth perception acuity, attention, temporal or spatial memory, motor skills, range of motion, dynamic steadiness, hand-eye coordination, reaction and movement time, attention span, sustained attention and concentration through continuous performance task, attentional interference tasks and verbal working memory tasks, vertical jump, balancing ability, critical flicker frequency, visual perception, visual performance, hearing loss, and various professional skills. 041b061a72


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