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John Legend - Nervous

Adrenaline runnin' through my veinsI'm a skeleton when you say my nameAnd the high, no, it never goes awayLike jumpin' out an airplane to swimmin' with the sharksThat existential feelin' when you're starin' at the starsThere's a hurricane in my head, but the lightnin' in my heartMakes it worth itYeah, I still get nervous

John Legend - Nervous


Every time, every time we touchIt's like paradise, fell down from aboveAnd the high, even too much ain't enough, nah, noLike flyin' in the fast lane, no headlights in the darkThat existential feelin' when you wonder what you areGot a wild wind in my head, but the butterflies in my heartMake it worth itYeah, I still get nervous

When you walk through the door and you look in my eyesYeah, it feels, yeah, it feels like the very first timeI can fall for you forever, I'm certain'Cause I still get nervousWhen your lips hit my lips and the fireworks flySendin' sparks through the air like the Fourth of JulyI can fall for you forever, I'm certain'Cause I still get nervous

When you have a name like Legend, it's a challenge to live up to but John Legend has done it time and time again. From creating some of today's most renowned and iconic tracks to earning EGOT status, the multi-award-winning artist is nothing but legendary and his latest album is a testament to just that.

During her live-tweeting of Jesus Christ Superstar Live on Sunday night, Chrissy Teigen said her husband, John Legend, was nervous about singing "Gethsemane," one of the show-stopping numbers for Jesus in the show.

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