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Nfs Underground 2 Crack Speed.exe

i go to play some NFSU2, see that there is no 720p or 1080p or other 16:9 resolution in the menue, i download and install universal widescreen patcher and make the game run at 1080p, but now sometimes it hangs on the loadingscreens and loads forever with the only way out beeing to force quit the game and loose all progress since i last saved. i have tried finding the official 1.2 patch but cant find the one from EA and only random file sharing sites with the patch, i have tried a few of those and a few different no-CD cracks too, also you need a cracked SPEED.EXE to do the widescreen patch in the first place, but nothing has helped. its always goten stuck after a while. if anyone knows where to find the official 1.2 patch or knows of another way then universal widescreen patcher to make it run at 1080p or 720p that would be awesome because without the widescreen patch it seems to be fine... if you have had this issue please tell me how to fix it

Nfs Underground 2 Crack Speed.exe

Maybe its the fact that its cracked. Because of that, the patcher will most likely not work. I would just get a usb cd drive and put it far away so the noise doesn't bother you. Here's the closest to official link you'll find for the patch: -for-Speed-Underground-2-v1-2-patch/3000-7513_4-10371406.html

ok well it has to be cracked for universal widescreen patcher to work. maybe if i reinstall it clean, run the 1.2 patch, find a no CD cracked SPEED.EXE for the 1.2 patch and then run the widescreen patch. might work idk. thanks for the help tho

At first i found this topic on reddit, it says that problem may caused with mixing EU and US versions of game (some patches or cracks ). So the speed2.exe try to loading cars that not exists it your version of game.


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