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Aslixan - Yalnizlar Boxca Lyrics and Translation

Aslixan Yalnizlar Boxca: A Song for the Lonely Hearts

Have you ever felt lonely and wished for someone to understand your feelings? Have you ever searched for a song that could express your emotions and comfort your soul? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to check out Aslixan Yalnizlar Boxca, a song that speaks to the lonely hearts.

aslixan yalnizlar boxca

Who is Aslixan?

A rising star in Azerbaijani music

Aslixan is a young and talented singer from Azerbaijan, a country in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. He started his musical career in 2018, when he released his first single, "Seni Sevirem" (I Love You). Since then, he has released several songs, such as "Sevgilim" (My Love), "Gel" (Come), and "Yalnizlar" (Lonely Ones).

His style and influences

Aslixan's style is a blend of pop, rap, and R&B, with influences from Turkish, Persian, and Arabic music. He sings in Azerbaijani, a Turkic language that is closely related to Turkish. He also incorporates some English words and phrases in his songs, such as "baby", "love", and "lonely". He cites Eminem, Drake, and Justin Bieber as some of his favorite artists.

What is Yalnizlar?

A song about loneliness and longing

Yalnizlar is one of Aslixan's most popular songs, released in 2019. It is a song about loneliness and longing, inspired by his own personal experience. He wrote the song after breaking up with his girlfriend, who left him for another man. He felt betrayed, hurt, and alone, and he wanted to share his feelings with his listeners.

The lyrics and meaning

The lyrics of Yalnizlar are simple but powerful. They describe the pain of losing someone you love, the emptiness of living without them, and the hope of finding someone new. Here are some of the lines from the chorus:

Yalnızlar bizimlədir (Lonely ones are with us) Bizimlədir yalnızlar (With us are lonely ones) Bir gün gələcək sevgi (One day love will come) Sevgi bizimlə olacaq (Love will be with us)

The song also uses metaphors and imagery to convey the emotions of the singer. For example, he compares his heart to a desert, his tears to rain, and his love to a flower. He also says that he is waiting for a star to guide him to his true love.

Where can you listen to Yalnizlar?

The platforms and sources

Yalnizlar is available on various platforms and sources, such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Boxca. Boxca is a website that allows users to upload and download music files for free. It is popular among Azerbaijani users, who use it to share their favorite songs. Aslixan Yalnizlar Boxca is one of the most downloaded songs on the site.

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The popularity and feedback

Yalnizlar has received positive feedback from both critics and fans. It has been praised for its catchy melody, heartfelt lyrics, and smooth vocals. It has also been nominated for several awards, such as the Best Pop Song and the Best New Artist at the Azerbaijan Music Awards. It has also gained a lot of views and likes on YouTube, where it has over 10 million views and 200 thousand likes.

Why should you listen to Yalnizlar?

The emotional appeal and connection

One of the reasons why you should listen to Yalnizlar is because it has an emotional appeal and connection. The song resonates with anyone who has ever felt lonely, sad, or heartbroken. It also offers a message of hope and optimism, that one day you will find your true love and happiness. The song makes you feel that you are not alone, that there are others who share your feelings and understand your pain.

The musical quality and creativity

Another reason why you should listen to Yalnizlar is because it has a high musical quality and creativity. The song showcases Aslixan's talent and skill as a singer, songwriter, and producer. He composed the music, wrote the lyrics, and arranged the production of the song. He also sang with passion, emotion, and clarity. The song has a catchy melody, a rhythmic beat, and a harmonious blend of instruments and vocals. The song also has a unique and original style, that combines elements of pop, rap, and R&B, with influences from Turkish, Persian, and Arabic music.


In conclusion, Aslixan Yalnizlar Boxca is a song that you should definitely listen to if you are looking for a song that can touch your heart and soul. It is a song that expresses the feelings of loneliness and longing, but also the hope of finding love and happiness. It is a song that showcases Aslixan's talent and creativity as a rising star in Azerbaijani music. It is a song that has gained popularity and recognition both in Azerbaijan and abroad. It is a song that will make you feel less lonely and more hopeful.


What does Aslixan mean?

Aslixan is a name that means "true king" or "real ruler" in Azerbaijani.

What does Boxca mean?

Boxca is a word that means "box" or "container" in Azerbaijani. It is also the name of a website that allows users to upload and download music files for free.

How do you pronounce Yalnizlar?

Yalnizlar is pronounced as "yahl-nuhz-lahr".

What are some other songs by Aslixan?

Some other songs by Aslixan are "Seni Sevirem" (I Love You), "Sevgilim" (My Love), "Gel" (Come), "Qara Gozler" (Black Eyes), and "Sensiz Olmaz" (Can't Live Without You).

Where can I find more information about Aslixan?

You can find more information about Aslixan on his official website, his Instagram account, his Facebook page, and his YouTube channel.


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