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Lost Planet 3 [Jtag RGH DLC] [REPACK]

Injustice: Gods Among Us is set in an alternate reality. The Joker has hoaxed Superman into killing Lois Lane and the couple's unborn son, all the while destroying Metropolis. Overcome with grief and anger, Superman takes revenge against the Joker; killing him in cold blood in front of Batman. While he has confronted his tormentor, Superman still cannot overcome the guilt of what the Joker made him do. Quickly, he takes control of various nations across the planet and establishes a new world order as the High Councillor to achieve world "peace". The heroes of the earth are confronted with a choice; join Superman's Regime or ally with Batman's Insurgency. A war ensues between the forces, one which will threaten the very survival of mankind.

Lost Planet 3 [Jtag RGH DLC]


About a year after the failed alien invasion of Earth during the Tunguska Offensive, Mental deploys a massive fleet of warships to the planet in retailation, each one contaning tens of thousands of troops. The already exhausted Earth Defense Force struggles to repel the invaders, which ultimately leads to a three-year conquest that has driven humanity to the brink of extinction.

The data from the Sirian chamber reveals that in order to power the Time-Lock, two dormant but incredibly powerful plasma generators need to be activated. Sam makes it outside the pyramid and clears the area for the pilot to pick him up. Sam is suprised to see that Hellfire has arrived. She extracts Sam and takes him to Karnak, the location of the generators. This is slowly accomplished and Charlie Team is ready for insertion into the Time-Lock. Sam is relieved of duty and in the process of being extracted from Luxor, but his helicopter is shot down once again and he is forced to flee towards the lost ruins of Nubia.

Traversing through more tombs, Sam gets back in touch with Hellfire and learns that Mental's forces have overrun headquarters shortly before she is killed. Now determined to finish what the Sirians started, Sam vows to use the Time-Lock himself and kill Mental in the past before he can destroy humanity in the present. Sam makes one last travel to his final destination, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the location of the Time-Lock. The struggle to this destination ends with Sam killing Ugh-Zan IV, the father of Ugh-Zan III from The First Encounter. With Ugh-Zan IV dead, the Time-Lock then activates, displaying an inter-dimensional portal to 3000 B.C., the timeline when the Sirians were active in Egypt. Sam calls Mental on Stein's phone and is answered by Mental's daughter, Judy. She tells him that Mental is planning to "moon" him. Sam notices the Moon plummeting rapidly within Earth's atmosphere and escapes through the Time-Lock as the Moon impacts Earth, destroying the planet. 041b061a72


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