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Microsoft Word 2019 VL 16.19 Mac OSX

Microsoft Word 2019 is the latest version of the popular word processing software for Mac users. It is part of the Office 2019 suite, which also includes Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. Microsoft Word 2019 VL 16.19 is a volume license edition, which means it can be installed on multiple devices with a single license key.

What's new in Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac?

Microsoft Word 2019 for Mac introduces several new features and improvements over the previous version, such as:


  • Focus Mode: This feature helps you to concentrate on your writing by blocking out distractions and displaying only the document you are working on. You can also choose from different background colors and sounds to create a relaxing environment.

  • Learning Tools: These tools are designed to help you improve your reading and writing skills by providing features such as Read Aloud, Text Spacing, Syllables, and Page Color. You can also use the Immersive Reader to access these tools in a full-screen view.

  • Translator: This feature allows you to translate selected text or the entire document into another language with a click of a button. You can also see the original and translated text side by side for comparison.

  • Accessibility Checker: This feature helps you to make your document more accessible for people with disabilities by identifying and fixing potential issues such as missing alt text, unclear headings, and contrast errors.

  • SVG Support: This feature enables you to insert and edit scalable vector graphics (SVG) in your document. You can also apply filters, colors, and effects to customize your SVG images.

  • Resume Assistant: This feature helps you to create a professional resume by using LinkedIn data and suggestions. You can also see examples of resumes from other people in your field and industry.

How to download and install Microsoft Word 2019 VL 16.19 for Mac?

To download and install Microsoft Word 2019 VL 16.19 for Mac, you need to have a valid volume license key and an internet connection. You can follow these steps:

  • Go to the [Office Deployment Tool] page and download the latest version of the tool.

  • Run the tool and extract the files to a folder on your Mac.

  • Edit the configuration file (configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml) according to your preferences. You can specify the product ID, language, update channel, and other options. For more details, see the [Configuration options for the Office Deployment Tool] article.

  • Open a Terminal window and navigate to the folder where you extracted the files.

  • Type the following command to download the Office installation files: ./setup /download configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml

  • Type the following command to install Office on your Mac: ./setup /configure configuration-Office2019Enterprise.xml

  • Enter your volume license key when prompted.

  • Wait for the installation to complete and then launch Word from the Applications folder.


Microsoft Word 2019 VL 16.19 for Mac is a powerful and versatile word processing software that offers many new features and improvements over the previous version. It is part of the Office 2019 suite, which is a one-time purchase that does not require a subscription. However, it also means that it does not receive any new features or updates after its release. To get the latest features and updates, you may want to consider Microsoft 365 for Mac, which is a subscription-based service that includes Office apps as well as cloud storage, security, and collaboration tools. For more information about Office 2019 and Microsoft 365 for Mac, see the [Office 2019 for Windows and Mac FAQ] article.


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