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Thief Of Baghdad Zee Tv Drama Full 16

Thief Of Baghdad Zee Tv Drama Full 16

Thief Of Baghdad is a Hindi TV serial that aired on Zee TV from 2005 to 2006. It is based on the Arabian Nights stories and follows the adventures of a clever and brave thief who challenges the evil Jafar, a tyrant who wants to conquer the world with the help of a powerful genie. The serial had 16 episodes, each with a different plot and twist. Here are some highlights of the show:

Thief Of Baghdad Zee Tv Drama Full 16

  • The first episode introduces the main characters and sets the stage for the conflict between the thief and Jafar. The thief, whose name is never revealed, steals a magic lamp from Jafar's palace and frees the genie inside, who becomes his loyal friend. Jafar, who is also a sorcerer, vows to capture the thief and get back his lamp.

  • The second episode shows how the thief meets and falls in love with Princess Yasmin, the daughter of the Caliph of Baghdad. He rescues her from a band of robbers and takes her to his secret hideout. However, Jafar also has his eyes on Yasmin and plans to marry her by force.

  • The third episode features a flying carpet race between the thief and Jafar. The thief uses his wit and skill to outsmart Jafar and win the race, but Jafar cheats and kidnaps Yasmin. The thief follows him to his castle and fights his way through his guards and traps.

  • The fourth episode reveals that Jafar is not the real son of the Caliph, but an impostor who killed the real prince and took his place. The thief learns this from a mysterious old man who claims to be the real prince's father. The old man gives him a magic sword that can cut through anything.

  • The fifth episode involves a quest for a magic ring that can grant any wish. The thief and Jafar both compete to find it in a hidden cave guarded by a giant snake. The thief manages to get the ring, but Jafar steals it from him and wishes to become the ruler of the world.

  • The sixth episode shows how the thief teams up with other rebels and allies to overthrow Jafar's tyranny. He meets Ali Baba, Sinbad, Aladdin, and other famous characters from the Arabian Nights stories. They join forces and launch an attack on Jafar's palace.

  • The seventh episode depicts the final showdown between the thief and Jafar. The thief uses his magic sword, lamp, and ring to fight Jafar, who also has his own magic weapons and spells. The battle is fierce and epic, but in the end, the thief prevails and defeats Jafar.

  • The eighth episode shows how the thief becomes the new Caliph of Baghdad and marries Yasmin. He also frees the genie from his lamp and grants him his freedom. The genie thanks him for his kindness and friendship and bids him farewell. The thief and Yasmin live happily ever after.

The remaining episodes are spin-offs that explore different aspects of the thief's life and adventures. They include stories such as:

  • The ninth episode tells how the thief meets his long-lost brother, who is also a thief but works for Jafar's sister, a wicked witch. The brothers have to overcome their differences and work together to escape from her clutches.

  • The tenth episode shows how the thief travels to China and encounters a dragon that terrorizes a village. He befriends a young girl who helps him tame the dragon and save the villagers.

  • The eleventh episode reveals how the thief learns about his true origin and destiny. He finds out that he is actually a prince of Persia, who was kidnapped by Jafar when he was a baby. He also learns that he has a special power that can restore peace and harmony to the world.

  • The twelfth episode depicts how the thief visits Egypt and discovers a hidden pyramid that contains a mummy of an ancient pharaoh. He accidentally awakens the mummy, who turns out to be friendly and wise. The mummy teaches him about the secrets of ancient Egypt and gives him a gift.

  • The thirteenth episode illustrates how the thief goes to India and meets a guru who teaches him about meditation and enlightenment. He also encounters a snake charmer who tries to hypnotize him and steal his magic items.

  • The fourteenth episode describes how the thief explores the underwater world and meets a mermaid who falls in love with him. He also faces a giant octopus that threatens to destroy a coral reef.

  • The fifteenth episode narrates how the thief travels to the future and sees how the world has changed. He meets a scientist who invents a time machine and a robot who becomes his friend. He also confronts a cyborg who wants to take over the world.

  • The sixteenth episode concludes the series with a musical finale that summarizes the thief's journey and celebrates his achievements. He sings and dances with all his friends and enemies, and thanks the viewers for watching his show.

Thief Of Baghdad Zee Tv Drama Full 16 is a thrilling and entertaining show that appeals to all ages and tastes. It combines action, comedy, romance, fantasy, and drama in a captivating way. It also showcases the rich and diverse culture of the Middle East and its legends. It is one of the most popular and successful shows on Zee TV, and has won several awards and accolades. You can watch it online on [Zee5], or buy the DVD set from [Amazon].


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