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Dpinst 64 Bit

I think that when you want to install a driver using DPInst.exe with /path you should only provide the path to the directory that contains the .inf file. That is: dpinst.exe /path "C:\Program Files\My Driver\package\".

Dpinst 64 Bit


Thank you, Mike. I ran the Kitsetup program to set up WDK. I have three directories - amd64, ia64 and x86, with a dpinst.exe in each.Which one should I use for 64-bit Windows/Vista? I am guessing the amd64/ia64. I tried searching the web for information on this, but found nothing.For some background I am a build/packaging engineer with no idea about device drivers. So excuse the extremely basic questions.Regards,GK.

In short, DPInst64.exe is a driver package installer that is found in Windows Operating System and is not a virus. The dpinst64 file belongs to the Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications and if you are using Sony device on Windows system then you may notice dpinst64 running.exe file.

Many users have reported that dpinst64.exe shows a runtime error on their system. This may occur due to corrupted driver files. When Sony Ericsson device try to load the essential files and not able to execute it due to damaged file then it may throw an error message. Here are few common errors that arises:

DPInst64 can operate silently from the windows GUI. At the same time, it can be run interactively by issuing specific switches with the dpinst command. Some popular switches along with their purpose are as follows:- 041b061a72


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