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Evekator's Participation in Aero Friedrichshafen 2023: What to Expect

Evekator: A Leading Aircraft Manufacturer in Czech Republic

If you are interested in light sport aircraft, training aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft or electric aircraft, you may have heard of Evekator. Evekator is a Czech company that produces a range of innovative and high-quality aircraft for various purposes and markets. In this article, we will introduce you to Evekator's history, products, achievements and future plans.

History of Evekator

Evekator's origins date back to 1970, when Aerotechnik was established as a producer of small general aviation airplanes. Its first products were gyrocopters and motor gliders, followed by the overhaul and maintenance of Czech aircraft such as the Zlin family.



The Transition to Light Sport Aircraft

In 1996, Evekator started to produce light sport aircraft and advanced ultralight aircraft, beginning with the P220UL Koala aircraft. In 1997, it introduced the EV-97 Eurostar, which became one of the most popular ultralight aircraft in Europe. In 2004, the SportStar became the first light sport aircraft accepted by the American Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Development of Larger Aircraft

During 1997-2004, Evekator also worked as a subcontractor for the single engine turboprop Aero Ae 270 Ibis. In 2004, it launched its own single engine, four-seater airplane, the VUT100 Cobra. In 2010, it started to develop a twin engine turboprop airplane, the EV-55 Outback, which was first flown in 2011. The EV-55 Outback is designed for 9-14 passengers and can be used for passenger transport, cargo transport or special missions.

The Exploration of Electric Aircraft

In 2013, Evekator introduced the EPOS, an electric aircraft that uses a battery-powered motor and a propeller. The EPOS is intended for training and recreational flying, and has a range of about 60 km. The EPOS is still under development and testing as of 2021.

Products of Evekator

Evekator currently offers several models of light sport aircraft, training aircraft and advanced ultralight aircraft. Here is a table that summarizes some of their main features and specifications:





Max Speed


SportStar RTC

Light sport aircraft / Training aircraft


Rotax 912 ULS / iS (100 hp)

230 km/h

1300 km

SportStar EPOS

Electric aircraft / Training aircraft


Evektor EPOS (50 kW)

180 km/h

60 km

EuroStar SL / SLW / SL+ / SLW+

Advanced ultralight aircraft / Light sport aircraft


Rotax 912 ULS / iS (100 hp)

230 km/h

1300 km

VUT100 Cobra / SuperCobra / Cobra NG4 / Cobra NG5 / Cobra NG6

Light sport aircraft / General aviation airplane


Jabiru 3300 (120 hp) / Lycoming IO-233 (116 hp) / Lycoming IO-360 (180 hp)

300 km/h

1400 km

EV-55 Outback

Twin engine turboprop airplane 9-14

Pratt & Whitney PT6A-21 (550 shp)

408 km/h

2500 km

Achievements of Evekator

Evekator has been recognized as a leader in the aviation industry, both in Czech Republic and internationally. Some of its achievements include:

evekator aircraft development and mechanical engineering services

evekator EASA certified aircraft SportStar RTC

evekator aircraft engineering manufacturing subcontracting

evekator at AERO Friedrichshafen 2023

evekator LRQA certified to AS9100D

evekator type certificates for L13 Vivat and EV-97 VLA Harmony airplanes

evekator Czech aircraft manufacturer based in Kunovice

evekator light sport aircraft training advanced ultralight aircraft and electric aircraft

evekator SportStar EPOS electric powered airplane

evekator EV-55 Outback twin engine turboprop

evekator Harmony LSA light sport aircraft

evekator EuroStar SLW low wing ultralight aircraft

evekator EuroStar SL+ high wing ultralight aircraft

evekator EuroStar SL+ NG next generation ultralight aircraft

evekator SportStar SL low wing sport aircraft

evekator SportStar RTC EASA certified training aircraft

evekator VUT100 Cobra four seat utility aircraft

evekator EV-97 EuroStar UK microlight aircraft

evekator EV-97 Harmony UK microlight aircraft

evekator EVS Flight Simulator for SportStar RTC and Harmony LSA

evekator Aircraft Development and Engineering Services for Aerospace Industry

evekator Aircraft Design and Analysis using CATIA V5 and MSC Nastran/Patran software

evekator Aircraft Testing and Certification Services for EASA CS-VLA CS-LSA CS23 CS25 CS27 CS29 regulations

evekator Aircraft Prototyping and Manufacturing Services using CNC machining composite materials and 3D printing technologies

evekator Aircraft Subcontracting Services for Aerospace OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers

evekator Mechanical Engineering Services for Automotive Industry

evekator Mechanical Design and Analysis using SolidWorks and ANSYS software

evekator Mechanical Testing and Validation Services using MTS test systems and LabView software

evekator Mechanical Prototyping and Manufacturing Services using CNC machining sheet metal forming and welding technologies

evekator Mechanical Subcontracting Services for Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers

evektor aerotechnik wikipedia the free encyclopedia

evektor aerotechnik history and products overview

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Awards and Certifications

Evekator has received several awards and certifications for its products and services, such as:

  • The SportStar RTC was awarded the "Best LSA Trainer" by Plane & Pilot magazine in 2015.

  • The EV-97 Eurostar was awarded the "Best Ultralight Aircraft" by Fliegermagazin in 2009.

  • The EV-55 Outback was awarded the "Best New Aircraft" by Flying magazine in 2011.

  • The EPOS was awarded the "Best Electric Aircraft" by Aero Friedrichshafen in 2013.

  • Evekator has obtained the ISO 9001:2015 certification for quality management, the EASA Part 21 certification for design and production, and the EASA Part 145 certification for maintenance.

Records and Milestones

Evekator has also achieved several records and milestones in its history, such as:

  • The SportStar was the first light sport aircraft accepted by the FAA in 2004.

  • The EV-55 Outback was the first Czech twin engine turboprop airplane to fly in 2011.

  • The EPOS was the first Czech electric aircraft to fly in 2013.

  • The SportStar RTC set a world record for the longest flight of a light sport aircraft in 2014, flying from Czech Republic to South Africa in 54 hours and covering 12,200 km.

  • The EV-97 Eurostar set a world record for the highest altitude reached by an ultralight aircraft in 2016, flying to 8,612 m above sea level.

Future Plans of Evekator

Evekator is not resting on its laurels, but is constantly working on improving its products and developing new ones. Some of its future plans include:

Improving Existing Models

Evekator is always looking for ways to enhance the performance, safety, comfort and efficiency of its existing models. For example, it is working on adding new features and options to the SportStar RTC, such as a ballistic parachute system, a glass cockpit, a constant speed propeller and a fuel injection engine.

Developing New Models

Evekator is also working on developing new models that will meet the needs and expectations of its customers. For example, it is working on a new version of the EV-55 Outback that will have a pressurized cabin and a higher payload capacity. It is also working on a new electric aircraft that will have a longer range and a higher speed than the EPOS.

Expanding Markets and Partnerships

Evekator is also aiming to expand its markets and partnerships around the world. It currently has dealers and service centers in more than 40 countries, and plans to increase its presence in regions such as Asia, Africa and South America. It also plans to cooperate with other aviation companies and institutions to share knowledge and resources.


Evekator is a Czech company that produces a range of innovative and high-quality aircraft for various purposes and markets. It has a long history of producing light sport aircraft, training aircraft, advanced ultralight aircraft, electric aircraft and general aviation airplanes. It has been recognized as a leader in the aviation industry, both in Czech Republic and inte


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