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Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi 720p Dvdrip

Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi 720p Dvdrip - A Review

Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi is a 2015 Punjabi romantic thriller film directed by Baljit Singh Deo and starring Jimmy Shergill, Surveen Chawla and Mukul Dev. The film tells the story of an Indian man who visits his brother in Canada and falls in love with an Indo-Canadian woman, but faces a tough task to marry her due to his past involvement in other activities that come to haunt him.

The film was released on July 10, 2015 in India and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. Some praised the film for its cinematography, music and performances, while others criticized it for its weak script, direction and editing. The film was a moderate success at the box office, grossing $67,983 worldwide.

Download File:

The film is available for streaming online on various platforms, such as SoundCloud . However, the quality of the video and audio may vary depending on the source. The best way to watch the film is to download the 720p dvdrip version, which offers high-definition video and clear sound. The 720p dvdrip version can be downloaded from various torrent sites or file-sharing sites, but be careful of the legal and ethical implications of doing so.

Hero Naam Yaad Rakhi is a film that tries to blend romance and thriller genres, but fails to deliver a satisfying experience. The film has some good moments, but they are overshadowed by the flaws in the story, direction and editing. The film may appeal to fans of Jimmy Shergill and Surveen Chawla, but others may find it boring and predictable. The film is not a must-watch, but it can be watched once if you have nothing else to do.


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